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Baseball Stride Trainer System

(Patent pending):
  • Closed front foot

  • Backside in control of frontside

  • Over Striding


Iso Safety Instructions:

More videos on stride trainer:

Quit stepping out when hitting a bseball with the stride trainer resistance band connected to the iso-belt. No more bailing out with the front foot or front side. The stride trainer will help you stay square both mentally and physically during your baseball training. This will help you store up your energy and not let it leak out into the bucket - again, to improve your hitting power and to be able to hit all baseballs including the outside pitch. Also, learn how to put the back leg in charge of the front foot with the stride trainer.

The STRIDE-TRAINER connects to the Back-hip-Attachment of the Iso-Belt. The other end of the tubing loops around the ball of the front foot. The tubing also connects to a “safety cuff” around the front ankle. This safety connection will prevent the tubing from striking the batter if the tubing disconnects from the Front-Foot.

This attachment serves a number of purposes when hitting baseballs:

The resistance provided by the tubing, assists the hitter in maintaining a closed position of the Front-foot during the stride. The resistance provided will not prevent the foot from externally rotating, but it does assist the hitter in “staying closed” with the front foot from both a physical and mental perspective.
Excessive opening of the front foot (a landing position of > 45degrees) is a very common flaw seen in young hitters and is often coupled with “stepping out” in fear of the pitched ball. This flaw directs energy away from the contact point and is a serious Plate-management issue because pitches on the outer part of the plate become quite problematic.
Excessive opening of the front foot (a landing position of > 45degrees) is also quite common among more experienced hitters. Excessive opening of the front foot can work its way up to the femur, into the hip, torso and shoulder segment. This creates a “Power-Leak” because these segments are expending potential energy prematurely.

A Closed Front-Foot also puts the Front-Leg in a better position to “block” and “transfer” the momentum created by the “shift” of the Back-Leg. This “closed” position creates a more rapid deceleration of the body’s Center-of-Mass, which results in more force created to power rotation throughout the rest of the swing. Landing “open” puts the knee in a position to flex or bend excessively which dissipates force and wastes energy that should have been transferred up the Kinetic Chain.
A Closed Front-Foot position also assists the batter in directing the force of the shift in a straight line. This is important for power and plate management. Excessive opening of the front foot (a landing position of > 45degrees) will often result in the premature and excessive rotation of other body segments. This flaw will direct the energy in a less-than-focused position to the batter’s pull-side. “Flying open” also creates plate-management issues in dealing with off-speed pitches and balls on the outer half of the plate.

The STRIDE-TRAINER attachment point at the back hip provides the batter with the feeling that the Front-Foot is being “pulled-up” by the Backside.
This sensation of having the Back-Leg in control of the “footwork” is a key element of our training system.
The positioning of the tubing allows for the Front-Foot to be “pulled-up” as the Back-Leg “loads” to begin the stride,
Allowing the Back-Leg to control the “footwork’ promotes proper loading of the Back-Leg and ensures that the Back-Leg completes the “press” or ‘shift’ PRIOR to the Front-Heel landing in completion of the stride.

By taking control of the footwork/stride away from the Front-Leg we can reduce much of the unwanted activity of the Front-Leg that occurs while the Front-Foot is off the ground.

Over-striding is another common flaw related to an over-active front-Leg. This is caused when the batter over-reaches with the Front-Foot, causing excessive Abduction at the front hip socket. The resistance provided by the tubing will not prevent excessive reaching/Abduction by the front-Leg, but it helps the batter to put the Back-Leg in control and reduce unwanted activity by the Front-Leg during the stride.
This baseball hitting device will help you in many ways!



This products solved my kid's over striding problem. It creates muscle memory and has been a lot of fun for my kid to use.
- T.l.

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