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Drive/Leverage Trainer

(patent pending):
Sold with Total Iso-Hitting System. Sold with Indoor Wall Hitting System. Sold with Power Belt Hitting System. Not sold separately.
  • Leverage Trainer

  • Drive Trainer



The “pulling force” of the tubing ASSISTS the hitter in ABducting the back femur to create proper straight-line “weight-shift” from the back leg to the front leg.
The hitter must RESIST allowing the “pulling force” of the tubing to pull the hitter's Center-of-Mass on-top-of or over the Center-of-Pressure held on the front foot.

The LEVERAGE TRAINER develops the proper and essential functions of both legs.
The added resistance increases the intensity of the first phase of the Back-Leg, the loading phase, which occurs as the weight is “gathered” into the back side as the loading of the back leg begins just before the release of the pitch.
The Back-Leg must then drive the body weight into and against a ‘Leveraged” Front-Leg that stabilizes the Center-of-Mass BEHIND the Center-of-Pressure on the front foot. The “pulling force” of the LEVERAGE TRAINER assists the hitter in driving off of the backside.
During perhaps the most critical points in the swing, just before and during contact, most if not all of the batter’s Center-of-Pressure is held on the front foot and this significant degree of force and energy is controlled and directed by the Front Leg. The added resistance produced by the LEVERAGE TRAINER intensifies this force and energy produced and the critical importance of stabilizing the Center-of-Mass behind the front foot becomes a focal point of the hitter. The added resistance of the LEVERAGE TRAINER speeds the development of balance, strength and proprioception in the Front-Leg as it continues to work against the ground while holding all or nearly all of the body’s Center-of-Pressure during the final phases of the swing.
The tubing can also be attached to the rear hip to provide “Resistance” for the Back Leg Abduction that creates “weight-shift”. It must connect only to the big sliding circle ring on the belt and to the 30" attachment strap placed behind the hitter. This is what we call the Drive Trainer as explained in the drive trainer tab.  Isobaseball tools for hitting will help you hit for power with any bat you put in your hands.

The tubing can also be attached to the rear hip of the Batter's Belt to provide Resistance for the Back Leg Abduction that creates weight-shift. Allowing the batter to work against resistance to Abduction and weight-shift not only increases strength and balance, but also allows the batter to better feel the proper movement of the Back-Leg as it is loaded and unloaded during the stride. Again, this is a unique hitting aid to help you develop power in your baseball swing and to teach you to use your legs during your hitting drills. You will connect the drive trainer to the 30" attachment strap only.



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