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"Indoor Wall Hitting" system

(Patent pending):
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  • Includes

  • Hands Back Trainer

  • Barrel Load Trainer

We are going to provide a door strap that locks down on the door that has five connection rings. You will be able to connect any resistance band to the door strap and isolate any body part you want.

The absolute benefit of the Indoor Wall Hitting System is that it has all of the components necessary for learning the important load and attack phases of the swing that is so critical to becoming an elite level hitter, and you can practice these critical parts of the swing in the comfort of any indoor setting with a door. This is a great indoor workout and you will always have a place to get better.

Its like the basketball player who dribbles inside the house all night. We just made it possible  for you to do this now for baseball with the most critical parts of the swing that must be learned and built in to muscle memory. Do you want your boy to swing a bat like Pistol Pete dribbles a basketball - do this every night!

You want to keep your hands back - use the hands back trainer. The Hands Back Trainer is helpful to a player who is rushing his hands forward or flying open on the front side as the elbow attacks the pitch. This is critical to proper back arm action.

You want to keep your barrel from flattening - use the barrel load trainer. The Barrel Load Trainer creates resistance that the batter must work against to keep the barrel in the proper position. This strengthens the hand and arm and engrains the proper hand and barrel position during the attack phase of the back arm action.

The drive/leverage trainer(6' resistance band) is not included in the Indoor Wall Hitting System and is not to be used with the "batter's wall with five d-rings" nor is it to be used with the "door stop". The batter's wall door strap with five d-rings and the door stop is not an anchor for the the drive/leverage trainer. They are not strong enough.

Each tab below explains it more completely if you need more information. Don't waste another night. Get started now! 

The uncovered blue bands are no longer included in this system. You must use the 2' stride trainer that will be provided for the system in the place of the barrel load and hands back trainer.

Learn how to use Batter's Wall Hitting System by viewing instructional videos or descriptions of items listed above on web site.

The Hands Back Trainer utilizes a cuff around the lead wrist that is attached to a 2' covered resistance band tubing which connects to a stable attachment point such as the Batter's Wall with 5 d-rings, a fence at shoulder height or a resistance band Iso Baseball handle held by a baseball coach, directly behind the hitter. Uncovered bands no longer used.

Hands Back Trainer allows the batter to complete his stride and slot his elbow while assisting the hitter in keeping the “hands back” throughout these phases of the swing.

Keeping the hands back throughout these phases of the swing is vital to the proper sequencing of the Kinetic Chain. The larger body segments must be allowed to do their work before involvement of the hands. This will maximize energy creation and transfer to the bat-head and enhance plate management.

The Barrel Load Trainer utilizes an attachment point on the barrel to connect 2' covered tubing to a stable attachment point such as the Batter's Wall at barrel height, directly behind the hitter. Uncovered bands no longer used.

The Barrel Load Trainer allows the batter to complete his stride and slot his elbow while producing Resistance on the barrel. This Resistance pulls the barrel in the opposite direction that the barrel should be moving during this phase of the swing and forces the batter to work against this resistance. Allowing the batter to work against resistance will strengthen the top hand and forearm and enhance the “feel” of the proper position of the barrel throughout these phases of the swing. It helps keep the bat in a vertical or stacked position over the hands for a desired diagonal path of bat to the ball.




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