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"Power Belt" System

(Patent pending):

    Improve leg drive and hip rotation for greater power and bat speed with the drive trainer resistance band. Stay back on the ball with the leverage trainer resistance band which is the same thing as the drive trainer resistance band except it is used on the front side of the hitter. You will get immediate feedback and notice an immediate difference in power in your training for baseball. Your player will learn what great players are doing and learn how to hit baseballs for explosiveness. The Power Belt System does not include the stride trainer. The stride trainer is purchased separately in the stride trainer system.

    Both connect to the iso- belt.

    Iso Safety Instructions:


    Learn how to use the Batter's Belt Hitting system by viewing instructional videos of items listed above on web site.




    Girls just don't naturally weight shift the way boys do. The Power Belt system enables them to feel the proper weight shift and make fixing it much easier. It's a wonderful tool!
    - Danny Gershwin
    When my son Michael first tried the Leverage
    Trainer there was a noticable difference in power. The ball came screaming off the bat. The trainer also instantly let him feel how to keep his upper body behind the ball.
    - David Kirsch
    Viper Baseball Academy
    Huntsville Alabama
    We have been looking for a training system to help hitters get their backside thru the ball and a way to keep our hitters from being so rotational and the need to get off our backside and thru the ball, versus hitting with all our weight still on back leg and getting open way to quick.
    We found it with the ISO HITTING SYSTEM.
    We started using the ISO Total sytem toward the last two months of our training program with some of our advanced students so that our instructors along with the student could understand how we would incorporate the ISO Hitting system. In using the system we saw great improvements with the selected students in the areas we needed to see improvment in.
    The ISO System will be incorporated in all of our hitting lessons in 2012.
    - Coach Ricky Diehl

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