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Shipping & Returns


Returned items must have a Return Authorization Number (RMA number) which has been generated by an IsoBaseball Representative and must be accompanied by the original packaging slip or placed on a returning document and be placed in clearly visible areas such as the returning document and on packaging.

(Contact us by email to for your RMA number).

IsoBaseball recommends that you return your items via a traceable carrier to ensure return delivery. Returned items must be shipped back to IsoBaseball, LLC with freight prepaid. Warranty and/ or defective items that need to be returned please call IsoBaseball, LLC directly for further assistance. We may ask for a picture of the item before you return the item.
• Do not return IsoBaseball devices to your sporting goods store.
• If IsoBaseball agrees that a device is defective, we will send out a repaired or replacement device within five business days of receiving the defective device. Return shipment will be via USPS ground deilvery.


Shipping will go through USPS Priority and delivery time after placing order should occur between 3-5 business days after order has been processed. Most orders will be processed the very same day order is placed if placed before 1:30PM Central Time. Orders received after 1:30PM Central Time will be processed the very next business day. Overnight shipment is currently not available. Shipping costs will include shipping and a nominal handling fee. Some items will be sold during promotions that will offer the IsoBaseball customer free shipping. Please look for these items.

International shipping is not available at this time. If you would like to place an order that will be shipped internationally, please email for your request. We will explore shipping options on an individual basis.



IsoBaseball has a 30 day limited warranty which covers all manufacturing defects from normal field usage. The policy does not cover: devices that have been abused, altered or mistreated, devices that have been used in a commercial batting cage, devices that have been used by more than one user, devices that have been used in temperatures lower than 50 degrees and devices that have been left outside exposed to UV rays for extended periods of time beyond normal usage of a regular baseball practice. Devices should be left at room temperature.

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RETURN THE ITEM UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED AN RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. Items that are returned without a return authorization number will not be processed.

(Contact us by email to for your RMA number).

If there are any questions regarding your request, you will be contacted by an IsoBaseball warranty representative.

Return and Exchange Procedures, Terms and Conditions:
Returns and exchanges can only be made within 10 days of product receipt. Returns without an exchange are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Any item that is returned after 10 days from customer receipt of product will not be refunded. Please keep proof of return mailing for verification.

We do not accept returns or exchanges that are not in the original “new” condition and packaging complete with all instructions and contents of original packaging. No refunds will be given for any items that have been opened, worn, used or otherwise soiled.
All return and exchange shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer unless it is determined to be an error made by us.
• Returns must be received within 7 working days from date of authorizing e-mail from IsoBaseball devices, no exceptions. The return address will be provided to you with the return authorization.
• If your return is damaged in transit or we are unable to resell the product as new, the buyer will not receive full credit for item(s) purchased. We strongly suggest you insure your return packages, and make sure the product is safely protected and padded.


IsoBaseball Warnings 

·        This product is intended for use only in keeping with the baseball throwing and hitting motions and techniques described in the written and/or video instructions accompanying this product.  Other uses are not intended and may cause damage to the equipment or result in personal injury to the user. 

·        This product contains Latex rubber tubing. Anyone with allergy or other sensitivity to Latex rubber should avoid contact with skin and/or avoid use of these products.

·        Caution should be exercised when fastening or adjusting clips and buckles to all attachments; keep fingers and skin away from fasteners. 

·        Always use caution to avoid slipping when using rubber foot strap, as rubber strap under the foot may affect traction on floor or ground surface.

·        Minors should only use this product under adult supervision. Do not leave your resistance Bands unsupervised with children or with mischievous teenagers. IsoBaseball,LLC is not responsible for accidents resulting in the improper use of these products.

·        Always be certain clips and fasteners are secure before pulling or putting any tension on tubing or belts.

·        Connect all anchor points prior to connecting belts or straps to body. 

·        ALWAYS  take all tension off of tubing and belts before clipping or unclipping them from batter's wall, door stop, batter's belt, stride trainer, barrel load trainer, hands back trainer, weight, wrist, ankle foot strap or tubing,  or any other object or product in our set or attachment point out of our set. Failure to do so could result in damage or injury resulting from being struck by band, or from falling as a result of being off balance. 


·        Do not continue to pull bands once they have reached near maximum stretch.

·        Although this training system can be used indoors, caution must be used to ensure that all belts and attachments are secure before using; that the door being used is sturdy, in good repair, and securely closed and capable of being closed securely before use. DO NOT PULL AGAINST THE DOOR ATTACHMENT WITH YOUR FULL WEIGHT. 

·        When a fence is used for attachment of devices, fence must be in good condition and must be able to withstand the pulling forces of the devices. If fence is not able to withstand these forces, do not use the fence as an attachment. Test fence condition before beginning any exercise. 

·        Always be certain that user has sufficient room to carry out the drills, and be sure area is free from objects and people that could obstruct movement, or get or cause damage or injury if hit. 

·        ALWAYS inspect all equipment, especially stretchable rubber tubing and fabric, for integrity of resistance bands, fabric and connections before using.  Do not use equipment if damaged, torn, wripped or not in good condition. Tubes with cuts, nicks, tears, or other damage should not be used. Discard of this tubing immediately.

·        NEVER over-stretch the bands. 

·        Certain stretchable bands are covered.  DO NOT remove the cover or use if cover has been removed or damaged in any way. 

·        Replace device(s) immediately if fabric or bands become damaged, cut or detached.  

·        NEVER swing a baseball bat unless you are certain nothing and no one can be struck by the bat.  

·        This product contains tubes and bands. There is always the potential for injury including suffocation should these tubes or bands be connected around the neck, or too tightly around the arms, legs or torso.  Never wrap bands or belts around the neck, and do not leave unattended around minors.

·        If bands around arms, legs or waist cause numbness, redness or tingling in extremities or difficulty breathing, disconnect or loosen immediately. Never use any cord or strap around wrist, ankle, forearm, bicep or waist for more than 5 minutes at a time. Parental supervision is required for use of any of these products when used by minors. Loosen all straps in longer workouts such as the" ten minute home workout" in five minute intervals. This applies to all workouts lasting longer than five minutes.

·        Always disconnect door attachment(Batter's Wall) after use, and store all bands and belts in safe place out of reach of children.  

·        Always warm up as much as needed before using  equipment to minimize the possibility of strain or injury. Consult your physician for proper workout warm up exercises.

·        Learn the proper technique for each exercise before proceeding by viewing videos, descriptions or following a professional coaches advice who is well schooled on our Iso-Hitting System products. 

·        If user experiences either the sudden onset of joint or muscle pain, discontinue use of the equipment immediately and consult a physician about continued use of this product.

·        As with any exercise, or exercise program, before beginning changing your physical activity patterns, you should always consult with your doctor or physician, particularly if you have been inactive, are very overweight, or have or suspect any sort of medical condition that might be worsened by exercise.  People with chronic medical conditions should use this equipment as with any exercise-based program only with the guidance of a health care provider.

It is recommended that a physician or professional trainer be consulted prior to the repetitive use of this product on minors.  As with any exercise or sport activity, excessive or overuse of joints and muscles can cause injury.


Disclaimer:  READ AND VIEW ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE. INSPECT THE FABRIC AND ATTACHEMENTS FOR TEARS AND OTHER DAMAGE PRIOR TO EACH USE. DO NOT USE IF DAMAGED-REPLACE IMMEDIATELY. INSPECT AND TEST THE STRENGHT OF EACH ANCHOR POINT BEFORE CONNECTING CORDS TO THE ANCHOR POINT. THIS PRODUCT CAN BE DANGEROUS IF USED INCORRECTLY. NEITHER MANUFACTUER nor IsoBaseball, L.L.C. or any of its distributors, affiliates, independent contractors or sales representatives ASSUME ANY LIABILITY FOR ACCIDENTS OR DAMAGE THAT MAY OCCUR WITH THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO FAILURE OF A STRUCTURE, any attachment point, OR CHAIN LINK FENCE THAT IS USED AS AN ANCHOR or any breakage of resistance bands, cords, straps, belts or any other product in our Iso-HITTING System, or any other system or product, that we may sell that may cause injury to the user. All anchor points used for any attachment must be sufficiently strong enough to handle the resistance of the pulling of all resistance bands without seeing any movement of the anchor points during any and all exercises.



IsoBaseball, LLC Limited Warranty:  IsoBaseball, LLC, warrants each new product to be fit for its intended use to the original purchaser for 30 days from the date of purchase if used by only one user.

·       Multiple users of same IsoBaseball devices will be used by baseball instructors in camps, facilities and team environments and will cause greater wear and tear on devices. We expect that our devices will have to be replaced often when used by multiple users due to wear and tear on our devices. No warranties of products can be issued if used by more than one user. Supervision is always required when our devices are used by minors and regular inspection of our devices must occur before each use.

·       The warranty does not apply to products which have been altered, misused or used in any other way than the intended use.

  • IsoBaseball products will be used in both inside and outside settings. These settings could include use on artificial turf, grass, sand, cement, ceramic floors, wooden floors and other surfaces unknown and not controlled by IsoBaseball. Wear and tear will occur at different rates and therefore equipment should be inspected before each use and replaced as needed. This warranty Does Not cover damage caused by abuse of your bands (such as: leaving them outside, getting oil products on them, cutting them, etc.). UV rays are particularly harsh on IsoBaseball devices and these devices should be protected from extended exposure to the sun. Do not keep any IsoBaseball device outside when not being used.

·       Seasonal replacement of devices is expected with the use of IsoBaseball devices and more frequent replacement of devices might also occur.

·       The user assumes all risk of serious injury and property damage related to the use of IsoBaseball LLC products.  IsoBaseball LLC, assumes no liability for injury or property damage resulting from the use of its products.

·       IsoBaseball, LLC does not guarantee that this equipment will fit all children under the age of 10. 

Some fraying of fabric, such as minimal loose strings on fabric, is normal for the material used in IsoBaseball devices. Minimal fraying is not considered defective and this is not included in the warranty. We suggest that loose strings can be trimmed carefully by an adult to minimize damage to the material and to extend the life of the product. Excessive fraying is not normal and all fraying should be inspected carefully to ensure that fraying has not compromised the strength or integrity of the product. Replace devices as necessary. This does not apply to the resistance bands or resistance bands coverings. Any nicks, tears, cuts or other damage to resistance bands or its coverings requires immediate replacement of those bands. Do not use bands if there is any damage to the bands and its coverings.


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