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Total Iso-Hitting System w/Master DVD

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    Includes "Indoor Wall Hitting" System, "Power Belt Hitting" System, "Baseball - Arm" Trainer system, Stride Trainer, Master DVD(Please view each link to see each part of the entire baseball training equipment system). Thirteen total items included in this set plus DVD. These items can be used individually as needed to isolate body parts or used all together as a total system.

    If I am a dad or coach, and I am trying to teach my kid or student how to hit, this is the system I am going to use! Visit Isobaseball You Tube Channel and watch steps 1-9 backyard tee practice posted by a father training his kids with the Iso Hitting System. You can do this, too. So simple!! And it's the right way.


    Includes every device in our Iso Hitting System and over 2 1/2 hours of the most groundbreaking baseball video instruction on hitting ever made proven by science and the study of the biomechanics of the greatest hitters in the world. Dr. Chris Yeager's understanding of elite level hitting and throwing patterns is unmistakeable. You will learn plenty and you will become a better coach. Your players will become more powerful and efficient hitters. You will learn how to teach what the great hitters are doing and not what some coaches think the greats are doing.

    The uncovered blue bands used for hands back and barrel load trainer are no longer included in set. You must use 2' covered stride trainer in its place for hands back and barrel load trainer. It is recommended to train those body parts individually instead of at the same time.

    Step by step how to set up Total Iso System in below video(It is simple):

    Iso Safety Instructions - watch and follow instructions carefully:

    In this Total Hitting System, our Iso Baseball hitting and throwing baseball training aids will help you isolate various body parts to assist the hitter and thrower in developing elite level hitting and throwing patterns.

    As part of our Total Iso Hitting System, Dr. Yeager will explain in our Master baseball hitting DVD the Science behind the Perfect baseball Swing and this science will be validated by video of some high level hitters. Also, in the Master DVD, Dr. Yeager will teach you how to apply kinetic link principles to gain maximum power and plate management, and how to use our training tools to perfect your baseball swing into one fluid movement.

    All players from youth baseball to the highest level professional baseball player, and all dads and coaches responsible for teaching youth baseball players how to hit and throw like the elite level players can learn a tremendous amount from Dr. Yeager's teachings and this information will be very helpful during your baseball hitting and throwing instruction.

    We believe the principles and lessons that we will teach you are going to be the beginning of a transformation in the way the game of baseball is being played and taught. You are going to learn how to teach hitters to hit like the more traditional great players hit a baseball.




    It's a shame that more people don't get what your teaching. I'm a high school softball coach and this is our 1st year teaching this method of hitting. I can see that a lot of the issues hitters are having prior to this method disappear after teaching this method. We focus on the swing we do want instead of trying to stop doing things like casting, dropping the hands, or pushing the bat. The athletes that give this a chance really start hitting with confidence and aggressiveness.
    If you want to:
    1.hit in a bigger zone
    2. Hit more solid shots. Get the bat to square up behind the ball
    3. Increase bat speed
    4. Handle change of speed pitches better.
    5. Understand your swing in the moment
    6. Be that tough out you desire to be.
    Do what the Dr. Says Thanks , your #1 fan
    - michael quiroz
    greg, we spoke about a year ago I am totally happy with the Iso baseball system
    I am interested in taking that next step in becoming a certified trainer. I have an
    interesting story to tell you about one of my players. Greg I look forward to
    talking to you again Mike
    - Mike Quiroz
    Another 12u power hitter swinging the axe bat, kicking butt and taking names in Austin, Texas - thanks to Isobaseball
    - Julie@only1sport
    My 10y/o son just beginning the system, already seeing a lot more consistency with barrel to ball contact instead of frequent handle to ball contact; would relish the opportunity to work out at Dr Yeager's facility
    - Chris Dunn
    I have your dvd as well and have watched it in it's entirety many times already. Being that we are already on the same page fundamentally, the concept of the "whip effect"and understanding how the kinetic chain delivers energy to the ball is not a foreign concept to us. However, a large part of we are really lacking is simply an organized approach to help guide us in our goal of delivering a correct, consistent message.

    Having your your DVD and the arm trainer for just a short time has already been a huge help in helping me organize our instructional program . Again, I am looking forward to meeting and working with you guys in the certification process and I am looking forward to promoting the ISO Baseball concept here at Spectrum Sports Academy.

    Mark Croye
    Spectrum Sports Academy
    Director of Baseball & Softball
    - Mark Croye
    I have been using the system for over a month now and it is working like a charm. I used a similar approach to hitting and for over a year I debated on whether or not to get the system. I finally did and it has been amazing.

    I run a very big baseball academy and 16,000 sq ft Indoor hitting facility here in Sacramento, Ca. We have 12 teams and over 300 players who participate in our program. I want ISObaseball to be a household name out here in Sacramento and inside my facility. This has taken my instruction to new heights.

    Owner/Head Instructor @ Best Speed Baseball
    Alec V. Smith
    - Alec Smith
    Love this!! Proud to be part of this school!! ISO baseball techniques are awesome!!!
    - Kristyn Sandberg
    I love the video and have been using the system and am very pleased.
    - Ajay
    I am not a gadget guy. Bought works!
    - GBA Baseball
    There is no better system available for athletes at any level than the ISO SYSTEM. At Big League Prep we use it everyday and have seen drastic results instantly. It allows you to feel your swing and understand what a short stroke truly means. Whoever does not use this system is living in the dark ages.
    This system has been so productive for my two sons, I became a partner in the business.
    - Gregg

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