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Iso Baseball

Learn "Drive Hitting" and "Whip Mechanics" and learn to hit for power with swing mechanics backed up by science. Learn to hit with power and efficiency from the # 1 hitting biomechanist in the country. Our devices and DVD will change your game. Prepare yourself and your player for the next level.

Start using our products so that your hitting can be noticed!


You will understand how body parts are working together and we will provide you with videos, devices, and drills to help you become the best baseball or softball player you can be.

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Isobaseball offers the most comprehensive hitting system in baseball. Learn a step by step approach to teaching high level hitting. Teach what the great hitters are doing so that your players can hit more powerfully and efficiently. Add devices to bring feel to your instructions. Coaches, your knowledge will be backed up with science. This is a great hitting system and it will make a difference in the way you teach hitters. Voted 2011 ABCA "Best of Show" baseball training system. Our step by step DVD will help you teach your students how to isolate body parts and learn their movements to perfection and then put it all together into one fluid motion. Set includes "Indoor Wall Hitting" System, "Power Belt Hitting" System, "Baseball-Arm" Trainer System, Stride Trainer and Master DVD.


This DVD is the most advanced instructional DVD ever produced for hitting a baseball. It contains over 2 1/2 hours of the Science Of the Perfect Swing with explanations you can understand and put to work, and drills to put into practice. This is a must for any player or coach who truly wants to understand and apply the principles of the elite level swing.


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Are you tired of your young players disconnecting and having long slow swings? Are your verbal cues not helping? Coaches, you can add feel to your instruction with the Baseball Arm Trainer and help your players learn to stay connected and be short to the baseball. You can also begin to teach your players the back arm action of the greatest hitters in the world - the real secret of the Baseball Arm Trainer. All great players have great back arm action. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't teach kids great back arm action. Coaches loved it at the 2011 Nashville ABCA Convention.


10 minutes a night - inside your home to perfect your swing. Five ring door strap that locks down on just about any door. Learn to get in the right position for hitting by practicing from the "take a pitch" position(load and attack position before throwing the bat). This will train your body to have great muscle memory. Also, use this for arm care exercises every night to strengthen your rotator cuff and other arm muscles.


Improve leg drive and hip rotation for greater power with the drive trainer. Stay back on the baseball with the leverage trainer. Both connect to the iso- belt. Try this and the impact on your kid's power will be felt almost immediately during training for baseball.


Helps front foot stay square minimizing energy leak when hitting a baseball. Quit stepping out when hitting a baseball with the stride trainer resistance band connected to the iso-belt. It trains the brain to keep the foot square. Puts the back leg in charge of the front leg. Quit over striding, a big problem in youth baseball and softball. There is no better training device for these problems in baseball or softball. Sold out!


Dr. Yeager is a PHD in human performance and an expert in the physics and physiology of the baseball swing and throw, one of the leading batting and throwing instructors in the country and a Major League hitting analyst and instructor.

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