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This is the best DVD on hitting ever produced or your money back. Just call me and I will give you a full refund if you do not think it is a great instructional hitting DVD. I watch it all of the time and I am a co-owner of Isobaseball. It is that good for helping me develop my kids' swing. It will help you, too! Gregg

Press each chapter tab for brief chapter summary review of instructional master DVD on the Science of Hitting:

Introduction(4 minutes 31seconds)

Hitting for Power in baseball is coming back! Back Arm, Back Leg, Front Side isolation drills to help the player develop or reinforce elite level hitting patterns and to match the biomechanics of the greatest hitters in the world. You will learn how to swing a baseball bat like the best hitters in the world.

Training Devices(3 minutes 11 seconds)

Introduction to several of IsoBaseball's scientifically designed training devices including the Baseball Arm Trainer, Leverage(drive)Trainer and Stride Trainer.

Science of the Kinetic Chain(Science of the Perfect Swing)(18minutes)

The science of Dr. Yeager's hitting system explained for everyone to understand, communicate and use for baseball hitting instruction.

You will learn how to maximize bat speed and plate management, and you will learn how to funnel momentum and energy to the hands and bat head to hit the ball hard and far, and consistently.

You won't need a composite bat to hit the ball far and to hit the baseball for power. You will learn how to generate power with any bat in your hands. When you don't swing the bat like an elite level hitter swings the bat, you won't hit the baseball far. Look at what happened to college baseball hitting productivity this year with the introduction of the new bat regulations. Dr. Yeager will make science easy for you to understand, teach and apply to your baseball swing (and throw) so that you can achieve your maximum results during your baseball training sessions and in game play.

BBCOR Bats - "Bring it on"

Load - Attack - Finish Youth Workout(18 minutes 5 seconds)

Typical training session with younger players, first and early session hitting instruction and team baseball training when time and attention span may be limited for the youth baseball coach. Focus begins with proper stance in the batter's box, good footwork and the development of a throwing pattern while keeping the hitting drills interesting and fast paced.

This is a great place to begin hitting instruction with a younger student after watching the Isobaseball Master DVD introduction and the Kinetic Chain chapters.

Finish - Whip Drills with Ryan Adams(13 minutes 4 seconds)

Live hitting instruction session with Professional Baseball player Ryan Adams with a focus on finish and deceleration of the lead arm. This session demonstrates an interesting and productive interaction between Dr. Chris Yeager and a professional level hitter in the Baltimore Orioles organization and clearly demonstrates Dr. Yeager's ability to understand and teach a high level player the finest and most detailed parts of the science of the perfect swing. This session also demonstrates the strength and power this high level player can generate when hitting a baseball.

Additional discussion with Dr. Yeager on finish, no shoulder turn and deceleration of lead arm. You will learn alot even if you are not a rocket scientist, and you will see why baseball needs to bring more science to the game to improve hitting instruction.

And you will be starving for more baseball hitting instruction after watching this workout session. And more will be coming in the future! Dr. Chris Yeager and Isobaseball leadership will lead the way in this movement.

The greatest hitters in the world may not be able to explain what they are doing, but Dr. Yeager can! And everyone, including the greatest hitters in the world, can learn from Dr. Yeager's teachings, and grow and become even better hitters. And developing baseball players have never been so lucky to have the opportunity to learn and understand the patterns of the greatest hitters in the world and to be able to put these elite patterns into practice.

Ingraining the Throwing Pattern - 2nd Level Training(36 minutes 13 seconds)

Dr. Yeager conducts an Advanced instructional hitting session with Mark McGonigle focusing mostly on back arm action through phases one, two and three with some usage and emphasis on IsoBaseball devices. This session will help the hitter per-fect his or her back arm action in the hitter's pursuit of the perfect swing. It is imperative that the developing hitter per-fect the starting phases of the swing and the back arm action is extremely important.

We will teach you the universal loading pattern used by great hitters, catchers, infielders and quarterbacks. You will learn what the great hitters are doing with their back arm throughout all phases of the elite level swing.

You will also learn how you, too, can use Iso Baseball training aids  to help you develop elite level patterns.

10 minute Home/Indoor Hitting Workout(16 minutes 23 seconds)

Dr. Yeager conducts an Indoor/inside the home hitting instruction session with an eighth and ninth grade baseball player focusing on isolating body parts with the use of the Batter's Wall and its attachments including drive(leverage) trainer, hands back trainer, barrel load trainer, batter's belt and stride trainer. This hitting instruction session focuses on use of Iso Baseball training devices in the home setting including using the baseball training aids in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or any room in the house. This session is particularly helpful to a parent or coach learning how to help and teach the player to develop an elite level hitting/throwing pattern in the home. This in-home workout with the use of these baseball devices clearly gives a dedicated player a distinct advantage over other players because of its simple and quick workout regimen and the ability to focus on isolating body parts, maximizing the strength of each part of the kinetic chain, and creating the muscle memory of an elite level baseball swing.

This could be an everyday workout - it's simple, it's fun and it's an incredibly productive baseball workout! And it will make you stronger, more biomechanically sound and more consistent as a baseball hitter.

A Simple Plan(13 minutes 45 seconds)

Typical instructional workout hitting session with an advanced or high level baseball player.

This chapter gives a Special look on how to conduct a Live training hitting session with the use of IsoBaseball training devices. This chapter will serve as a great coaching template for your advanced student or son.

Dr. Yeager works with professional baseball player Ryan Adams using Iso Baseball training devices and conducts a hitting instruction training session that he performs with all of his students from little league baseball players through elite level professional baseball players. This session will give the teaching baseball coach or parent special insight as to how to conduct a hitting session with the use of IsoBaseball devices.

You will learn how to conduct a great hitting practice. Your son will be impressed with your knowledge as a baseball coach. Your student will learn simple, high level patterns and parents will want you to coach their kids after watching you conduct one of these training sessions.

Ryan Adams Bonus Session(9 minutes 55 seconds)

Did you ever want to watch a major league baseball player hit the baseball in a live hitting workout? Now you can. Up close! Watch Ryan Adams rip the baseball against a simulated pitcher. It can give an aspiring young athlete an idea where he needs to be to reach the big leagues.

IsoBaseball's Arm Trainer Release(5 minutes 24 seconds)

One of the most amazing devices ever developed for baseball training. It is used to assist the hitter and thrower with keeping the arm bent during the load and attack phases of an elite level hitting and throwing pattern. This device is an absolute must to have and can be of great assistance to the player and coach.

Learn some of the drills using the Baseball Arm Trainer in this chapter.

Dr. Yeager's Credentials(1 minute 29 seconds)

List of Dr. Yeager's Academic, baseball, research and development, authoring and his contribution to baseball.

Dr. Yeager has developed the ability to apply the Science of the Perfect Swing. His research on great hitters and the elite level swing demonstrates a deep knowledge of the biomechanics of the swing and is now available for you to use for your benefit.


An Insert is included with Iso Baseball's Isolation Drills Hitting Chart that players and coaches can use as a guide for great instructional hitting practices.



No matter how many times I watched this ISO Baseball video I still learn something every time....
- Kristyn Sandberg - Former Univ. of Georgia player
I am very interested in your methods. I am an Orthopaedics surgeon who specializes in hand elbow shoulder surgery. Your explanations on the DVD were fantastic
- Ajay
Dr. Yeager,

I loved your DVD and how much information you supplied to the viewer. Although I teach hitting instruction for a living, I thought it was easy to understand as well as incorporate into my training. I believe this DVD will revolutionize the mind set of those parents, players and coaches that have been teaching the concepts that do not work. Thanks for taking the time to make this DVD! The amount of information that you explain in detail on the DVD is truly worth the cost. Canít wait for the next one!

Rick Stiner
- Rick Stiner

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