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Barrel Load Trainer

(patent pending):
Sold with Total Iso-Hitting System. Sold with Indoor Wall Hitting System. Not sold separately.
  • Barrel Load Trainer

5' blue resistance band no longer offered. Use extra 2' covered stride trainer resistance band for barrel load training instead!

The BARREL-LOAD TRAINER utilizes an attachment point on the barrel to connect tubing to a stable attachment point at barrel height, directly behind the hitter. This device will mostly be used indoors with the Batter's Wall with 5 d-rings attachment point, but can be used by attaching tubing to nets or  a fence in a batting cage facility and even outdoors.

The BARREL-LOAD TRAINER allows the batter to complete his stride and slot his elbow while producing Resistance on the barrel of your bat. This Resistance pulls the barrel in the opposite direction that the barrel should be moving during this phase of the swing and forces the batter to work against this resistance. Allowing the batter to work against resistance will strengthen the top hand and forearm and enhance the “feel” of the proper position of the barrel of the bat throughout these phases of the swing.

The BARREL-LOAD -TRAINER is not to be utilized with the full-swing. The batter should use the BARREL-LOAD -TRAINER with a “live-take” mentality – either working against a live pitcher, actively taking pitches or mentally simulating the pitch and performing a “live-take”.
It is important to note that the batter strides on every pitch, regardless if the batter swings or not. This means that, as part of the stride, you should load your weight onto the back leg, and shift that weight against the front leg on every pitch. Immediately after the Back-Leg begins to abduct to “press” or “shift” that weight against the front leg the Back-Elbow will begin to “slot”.
When utilizing the BARREL-LOAD TRAINER, the batter is to focus on perfecting the actions of the Back-Leg to control the footwork/stride and perfect the “loading” and “slotting” of the Back-Elbow while working AGAINST the resistance of the BARREL-LOAD TRAINER to increase strength in the top hand and forearm and enhance the “feel” of the proper position of the barrel throughout these phases of the swing.

The batter should work to prevent excessive “flattening” of the bat during the loading and slotting of the Back-Arm. This “flattening” most often occurs as a result of excessive supination (palm-up) of the top hand as the back-elbow slots. This flaw moves the barrel of the bat away from a “stacked” (stacked: Bat’s Center-of-Mass aligned over the pivot point reduces Rotational Inertia) position over the hands increasing the “weight” (Rotational Inertia) of the bat. This makes the bat more difficult to control and accelerate. It also forces pre-mature extension at the back elbow which creates a “long-swing” and additional rotational inertia (weight) on the bat. The BARREL-LOAD TRAINER asks the hitter to resist this palm-up position (supination) throughout the stride-phase (loading and unloading of the back leg) and the loading and slotting of the Back-Arm. 



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