The kinetic chain of the baseball swing – Brief version

Let me briefly introduce the kinetic chain of the baseball swing

Kinetic chain of the baseball swing: This is a good time to write a little about the kinetic link and for you to have a basic understanding of how the energy from your legs works its way up to help power your swing.

Kinetic chain order:
1. The back leg loads and unloads, pressing sideways into a slightly bent, but firm front leg.
2. This provides the front leg with the energy and momentum to open the hips from the front as the front leg acts as a fulcrum to open the pelvis from the front.
3. As the hip segment begins to turn, it pulls on the torso and brings it into rotation following the hip.
4. The torso pulls on the shoulder segment and brings it around.
5. The arms ride the rotation of the shoulder segment until that segment decelerates to a near stop just before contact(shoulder deceleration).
6. This deceleration of your body funnels energy to the hands and bat like a whip.
7. From here, the back arm finishes its throw of the barrel behind the baseball, allowing the hands to whip through to contact – The Finish.