Concerned that the BBCOR Bat will eliminate power?

Concerned that the BBCOR Bat will eliminate power?

We are launching Iso Baseball during a great time of need for the baseball community!

There is a greater need now more than ever for parents, little league coaches, and high school and college coaches to understand how to teach their players to generate more power when hitting a baseball because of the new BBCOR regulations.

We believe you must understand that great hitters are not affected by the type of bat they are using, whether it be a wooden bat, aluminum bat, composite bat, BECR certified bat, BBCOR certified bat or any other bat. Great hitters know how to generate power and manage the plate.

These new regulations affect the hitting strength of players with less than an elite level swing.

IsoBaseball wants the baseball player and coach to understand how to hit for power, and we will teach you the principles of a kinetically sound baseball swing so that your hitting power and effectiveness will be as good as ever regardless of the top of bat you choose or have to use.

We will teach you why elite level players can still hit home runs with a wooden bat or BBCOR certified bat.

Small ball has its place. But so does power!

Dr. Yeager has spent years studying, testing, understanding and training the elite level baseball swing while isolating and training various body parts and kinetically linking these body parts into one fluid motion.

The timing of our company launch and the release of Dr. Yeager’s teachings to the world in an easy to understand format could not have been better.

The BBCOR bats have many people concerned about run production and an inability of the hitter to hit homeruns or to hit for power.

Parents, coaches and players should learn more about the elite level baseball swing. Parents, coaches and players have no need to be concerned about power or a huge shift in the way the game should be played. The game does not have to become a total small ball game. It can still be played with power as well!

Dr. Yeager will show you why great hitters are not concerned about hitting productivity and can teach you why hitting can be as productive and powerful as always once you become a fan of The Science Of The Perfect Swing – IsoBaseball.

Tip: Use a wooden bat during the off-season.

If you can’t hit for power with a wooden bat, it might indicate that you have some mechanical flaws in your swing. You want to fix those less than elite level hitting patterns as early as possible, especially if you can identify the poor patterns and fix those patterns at a young age.