Should we teach hips?

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The rotational hysteria message in coaching has good intentions but it is the wrong message!

The pros rotate, but not the way it is being taught by many over the last decade!

Once you push that switch of asking your player to try and turn, you will be asking the hitter to hit a ball a certain way on one pitch and then a different way on another type of pitch. I do not believe you can halfway do it. You never hear me say hips in here. As soon as I say hips, I see spinning.

The back leg should do the same thing on every pitch regardless of location. The back leg is going to load before release and it is going to work in a straight line every single time. I tell my young hitters and professional level hitters that on every pitch you see for the rest of your life whether you swing or not, your back leg must load and unload working in a straight line towards the ball.