Can I see how the products are used before I purchase them?

Please review Iso Baseball web site carefully. There is a video available for your viewing on the web site for most of the devices and the DVD we offer you, describing the uses or content of the device(s) or DVD. We also offer a complete description on our web site for most of our devices and DVD in the product section of our web site and in the individual items section. Also, there will be links to You Tube videos for more information regarding IsoBaseball and its devices. You should feel very comfortable about your knowledge of our devices after reviewing all of the information we present on our web site. There is a wealth of information behind every tab and every blue link. We encourage you to view everything. It is our desire to be an educational resource for you.

Can I contact Dr. Yeager directly for a personal evaluation?

We hope to be able to provide a simple method on our web site for Dr. Yeager to evaluate your player’s swing and throwing patterns in the near future. Please contact Gregg Lacoste directly at 504-669-0204 to set up a player evaluation at this time.

Where do I return items?

You have ten business days after you receive a purchased item to return an item. All return items must be unopened in new and unused condition in its original packaging. We will issue you a return authorization number(RMA). Please place the RMA on all shipping documents, and near the item being returned, for easy visibility. Please contact us at aimee@isobaseball.com regarding your return issues.
Our products have a warranty of 30 days and any defective item can be returned for a replacement or credit. Normal wear and tear, including fraying, is not considered defective.
You can return all items to address:
72341 Military Road
Covington, Louisiana 70435

We offer a credit for return items that will be issued to your account

Can I purchase items without a credit card?

You can purchase items by check or credit card. We accept most major credit cards.

If you use a credit card, your order will be processed that day if placed before 1:00pm Central Time or the very next business day if placed after 1:00pm Central Time.

If you use a check, your purchased item will be delivered to you after we receive your check. Your check should be made out to IsoBaseball, LLC and should be mailed to the following address:
IsoBaseball, LLC
72341 Military Road
Covington, Louisiana 70435

We will accept cash at trade shows, tournaments, conventions and other venues in which we are present.

How can I order products?

You can order products online on our web site(www.isobaseball.com), and at a future time, we hope to be able to offer our products at other online sites, various retail establishments, travel team clubs, Academies and batting facilities.

Do you offer team discounts?

We do offer quantity discounts on various products. Please refer to product descriptions and ordering requirements for discounts. Also discounts will be offered for purchases of some bundled products. Please contact IsoBaseball for discounts on purchases of ten or more sets(Please contact us at aimee@isobaseball.com). From time to time, we will offer promotional discounts on various items.

What is the warranty on your scientifically developed devices?

Warranty for each product will vary. Please refer to product descriptions for warranty information.

Can I purchase individual items?

The Arm Trainer, Master DVD and IsoBaseball Handle are the only individual items that can be purchased separately at this time. All other individual items must be purchased as part of a bundle or set including the Total Iso-Hitting System with Master DVD, Batter’s Wall Hitting System and Batter’s Belt Hitting System.